Provide the Support Your Community Needs

Along with offering placement and meal services for all of our Autumn Years customers, we also operate a nonprofit organization that helps those in need by providing a roof over their heads, feeding them, and offering the support that they need as they transition into their autumn years.

What Your Donation Supports

Autumn Years has specialized in placing seniors in living communities for years, but recently we’ve discovered that there is a need for an adult daycare program in the community. While some seniors have people to spend time with during the day, others don’t, and their loved ones wish they didn’t spend their days by themselves. Our proposed initiative will provide a place for people to bring their loved ones during the day while they go to work or run errands. This isn’t possible without the support and help from our community, and your donation would go a long way in making this vision achievable. Also, local nonprofit donations made to Autumn Years will also help support our latest meal initiative, Autumn Meals. Through this program, we cook and deliver healthy, delicious meals to seniors in the community. This saves them the time and trouble of preparing meals for themselves, while also offering them the nutrition they need to stay healthy during their Autumn Years.

Where to Donate

We are currently accepting donations right here on this page. If you’ve searched the Internet trying to find the best local nonprofit to donate to, look no further than Autumn Years! We greatly appreciate any donation, no matter how big or small, and you can truly make a difference in the lives of seniors here in the community. If you’re ready to donate, we encourage you to click on the button below and continue to the next page to confirm your donation. Thank you!

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