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Introducing Autumn Meals: Our New Mission to Provide Meals to Seniors and the Disabled

For many people, preparing their own meals is a challenge. What might seem like a small part of daily life for some is a daily struggle for others. That’s why Autumn Years is proud to announce our latest mission to help feed those in need. Whether you’ve just been discharged from the hospital or just don’t have the ability or access to fresh, healthy, meals, Autumn Meals is for you or your loved one!

Nutritious and Delicious

Part of the Autumn Meals mission is to make sure everyone has access to delicious, wholesome, healthy meals. In every dish we prepare, you’ll find essential vitamins and minerals packed into natural ingredients. We also place emphasis on taste. Healthy food isn’t always known for being the most appetizing, but we’re going above and beyond in our kitchen to serve up recipes that remind you of your grandma’s cooking.

Five Days a Week

We won’t limit how many meals you can order. We proudly serve lunch and dinner meals delivered directly to your door five days a week. With our help, we hope that everyone always has access to a quality, healthy meal, and will never feel hungry again!

Whenever You’re Hungry

We offer Autumn Meals in a variety of subscription and per meal plans to fit your needs! Whether you just need meals a few times a week or never want to cook again, Autumn Years is here to help.

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Lunch $3.50 Dinner $4.50

Currently Serving Temple City, CA.

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